Touch Controls


Double touch & hold – touch and hold both sides of the shell.

Single touch & hold – touch and hold one side of the shell.

Turn On / Brightness Mode

Double touch & hold for 2 seconds to turn on (into brightness mode).

While MOON is in brightness mode, single touch & hold to increase/decreases brightness.

Decrease brightness to its lowest and wait for 3 seconds for MOON to turn off.

Switching Modes / Color

While MOON is on and in brightness mode, double touch & hold for 1 second to enter into color mode. MOON LEDs will blink a color pattern to indicate entering color mode.

While MOON is on and in in color mode, double touch & hold for 1 second to enter into brightness mode. MOON LEDs will fade a brightness pattern to indicate entering brightness mode.

While MOON is in color mode, single touch & hold to adjust your color temperature balance.

Conferencing Mode

When turning on, Double touch & hold for 5 seconds instead. MOON LEDs will triple blink to indicate entering conference mode. This prevents MOON from automatically turning off after 3 minutes, allowing for longer use cases like videos.



Charging & Battery Indication

MOON charges to full in an hour with Micro USB.

On a full charge, MOON lasts a full day for normal use (turning off the device when not in use) and for 45 minutes – 1 hour for continued use (conference mode).

While MOON is charging, the indicator led is Red. When fully charged, the indicator is White.

Touching either side of the MOON will turn on indicator leds.
White – more than 30% power.
Red – less than 30% power.

Auto Sleep

MOON automatically turns off after 3 minutes of idle time* (when no touch is detected).
*If in conferencing mode, MOON must be turned off manually.



Device Compatibility

MOON V1 fits devices up to 10mm thick.

MOON’s clip is designed to allow for the user to manually adjust its tension to best fit their devices.


MOON’s clip is designed to allow for the user to manually adjust its tension to best fit their devices.



Cleaning & Protect

Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean your MOON and restore its luster.

When not in use, store your MOON in it’s original case or in a clean and dry environment. Avoid storing in extreme heat or cold.

MOON is not waterproof.


Please be extra careful with MOON around children as it is a small device that may be a potential choking hazard especially to children 3 years old or younger.




We provide a One Year Limited Warranty for all original MOON products. Review our Return & Warranty Policies.



Not Turning On / Reset

Please make sure the device is charged.

If the device is being charged and not responsive to touch or appears to be frozen, please allow the battery to drain completely for a hard reset.

To perform a hard reset, do not charge the device for 24 hours. Then plug in the micro usb to charge the device.

Please give the device 30 seconds to perform its booting and calibration process. You may see the LEDs slowly getting brighter and then turning off.

Please do not touch the MOON controls until after the LEDS turns off.

For other inquiries regarding performance issues, please send us a message on our Contact Form so we may properly assist you.





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